The GPSLiveLogger project

Position "Live Tracking" systems have a broad range of application domains. These domains typically contain a need for logistic, security, telemetry or/and alert systems. With the availability of low cost off-the-shelf hardware to acquire GPS signals and the possibility to transmit data through mobile cell phones, world wide "Live Tracking" has become affordable.

There exist today different manufacturers which are selling more or less proprietary and closed products with "Live Tracking" facilities. The prices range from some 100 to some 1000 Euros.

The GPSLiveLogger project tries to make "Live Tracking" available to anyone through using, implementing FOSS and low cost hardware. Mainly the project implements a client application (j2me midlet cell phone application) and a server side application(based on java). The client application allows to acquire the users current location through a bluetooth GPS mouse and transmits the data to the remote server. At the other hand the server application logs the current positions to a postgres database, named GPSLiveLoggerDB.

The current implementation allows a basic single user mode but the code and database are already prepared for multi user set up.

A demo site already exists and is available at:

As mentioned it is only a demo site and the live tracking only works if I am currently using my client. So simply check from time to time or send me an email and I can switch on the logging for a small time frame in order to demonstrate that it works. :)

Respect each others privacy !

Latest news

Wed Jun 25 23:05:53 CEST 2008

I agree. This is not 2 weeks as promised. I am trying hard to clean the sources but it is not yet finished and my second project (building a house) did take a lot of my spare time. Further I am fixing some bugs for the first larger scale 24hour test during the Hospiz-Lauf in Trier. If everything works fine, Thorsten will give me the opportunity to test the GPSLiveLogger during this event.

A small client changelog
* new logging screen
* update time is read now from the settings screen (properties will be added in the next releases

Thu May 29 21:51:00 CEST 2008

I am working hard on the code. Mainly I try to clean it in order to release it in the next two weeks. Further I try to start with some documentation to sketch the GPSLiveLogger system. A more detailed description of the available facilities will be added to this site.

If I make no mistake with the licensing models, I think the sources will be released under GPL or LGPL. I have to check the selection with some of my colleague's. You can also send me an email if you are familiar with the licensing issues if some part of the code is relying on some already available sources. The email can be found in the footer of this web page.

Help wanted

Anybody who is interested in participating in this project is invited to send me an email. I would be glad if the author could include some brief description why he would like to participate and what are his interests in the GPSLiveLogger project.